On the Jungle Scout YouTube channel, Lennard Smith discusses “5 Amazon Seller Hacks You’ve Got to Try.

Number 1: Include your main keywords in your canonical URL. This means you can include these keywords in your URL, and it may impact your Amazon and Google rankings. How do you do it? In your listing, just put your main keywords in the back-end of your URL. You can then edit your listing to include brand and other pertinent information.

Number 2: Get the best seller badge. This will help to increase your impressions as well as sales conversions. To accomplish this, you need to be in a subcategory with very low competition. Check into several relevant subcategories to find the one with the worst best seller ranking. You can then request that Amazon moves your product into that subcategory. You can no longer be in multiple subcategories, so choose wisely.

Number 3: Confirm your keyword rankings. Lennard shares a great tip for making this determination:

“If you type in your ASIN and your keyword into the Amazon search box, it will tell you if you’re ranking for that keyword. If Amazon shows you a result, that means you are ranking for that keyword…zero results means you aren’t ranking for that keyword.”

Number 4: Use precise values. Research shows that when sellers use precise values, such as $38.78 vs $38.99, buyers believe that the product is worth that price, and are more excited when sellers introduce a $.99 sale price.

Number 5: Related to number 1 in utilizing keywords in your back-end. Without good keywords, your product will not be found. Stuff keywords into the search term spaces. It will not delete their value but greatly increase your visibility.

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