On the eCommerceFuel podcast, Andrew Youderian discusses with Fahim Naim, “The Top Amazon Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them).

Fahim is a former category manager for Amazon. What does that mean exactly? It means Fahim managed the vendors, marketing, pricing, and more, for all of the wholesale buying of Amazon’s products in a specific category. He is super knowledgeable about Amazon sales, which includes a thorough understanding of all the mistakes that eCommerce sellers make when selling in Amazon's marketplace.

One big mistake that Fahim hits on is running out of stock. Whether you are using Seller Central, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Merchant-fulfill, you should never run out of stock. Yes, supply issues pop up sometimes, but as a business operator, you need to ensure the necessary stock levels of products.

Another mistake is when sellers fail to optimize their product pages. They might spend a lot of energy trying to drive traffic, but when the page looks terrible, it’s not going to help drive sales. Fahim states,

“Don’t play the keyword game. When you’re on product pages I think there’s a lot of information out there saying You need to have these exact keywords and these are the best. Think about it from a customer perspective. If I were a customer clicking on this product, what do I want to see in my titles, my bullet points, pictures and if you start up that way I think you’re going to have much more success than trying to keyword stuff, titles, bullets, product descriptions, etc.”

Fahim also strongly recommends brand owners to never rely exclusively on a third-party to manage their Amazon account, including their listings and product pages. He states,

“Working with somebody, absolutely great but at the end of the day it’s your business and it’s as important as customer service when you’re starting out. If you don’t know what a customer’s questions, concerns, pain points are then you’re probably in the wrong business.”

Due to his personal eCommerce knowledge and time spent working at Amazon, Fahim is a wealth of information. He really sheds light on some of the biggest mistakes and clarifies how to correct and avoid them.

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The Top Amazon Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

by Andrew Youderian

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