On the My Wife Quit her Job podcast, Steve Chou discusses with Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer, “How to Launch an 8-Figure eCommerce Brand.”

Ryan Deiss is on the show to discuss how to market your business the right way. He drives home the concept of staying arbitrary in your niches. This means that you need to stay open to products that work for your customer base.

Don’t try to sell a product just because you think it’s a cool product. Determine the market and demand for that product, and start small, expanding your reach gradually. Think most about what your customers want and build a product line around that.

“People define the business by the products they sell, when they should be defining it by the people they serve…That’s so unbelievably critical.”

If you are just getting started, don’t try to go head to head with big sellers in advertising. First, start small in a niche of customers who enjoy a specific style of products. Then, begin driving traffic through social media, such as Facebook. Your goal should be acquiring customers, rather than making sales.

How to Launch an 8 Figure eCommerce Brand with Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer

by Steve Chou

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