The Amazon FBA Private Label Show Podcast

How to Find a Winning Product to Sell and Build your Empire

On the Private Labeler Show podcast, Nick Landowski discusses, “How to Find a Winning Product to Sell and Build your Empire.

Picking the right private label product to sell is essential to the success of your private label business. Nick gets into the nuts and bolts of finding the right category for your knowledge. There is also a set of criteria that every product should meet if it’s going to sell well.

Nick gets deeper into running numbers to determine the viability of a potential product and how to track your competition.

“Evaluate your budget…Yea, this does cost a decent chunk of money. You’re going to need money for inventory. You’re going to need money for shipping. You’re going to need money for different things that a lot of times people don’t anticipate.”

It is so, so important to do your due diligence. It’s not just about researching the products, but about making sure that you have the appropriate funding to pay for your sample and first supply of goods from the manufacturer. Often times, people are caught off guard when they finally talk to a supplier.

You’ll also need to find a niche that excites you. Otherwise, you’ll have a limited drive to actually work on the business every day.


Let’s Discuss: Have you thought about getting into private label or have you already?