On Entrepreneur.com, Stephen Key discusses, “Get your Seasonal Toy Into Walmart in Under 2 Years Without Breaking the Bank.”

If you want to get your product into brick and mortar stores, you really can’t do better than selling in Walmart. The amount of customer reach is staggering. Getting into the king of box stores, however, is not an easy task.

First of all, you need to invest in yourself. Take classes and really learn the retail business. Submerge yourself in it. Find relatives or friends to provide resources, such as writing ability, photography or engineering skill as you create a prototype. Save as much money as you can. Take no risks and vet potential manufacturers thoroughly.

These are just one of the tips that you’ll find to break into the big leagues with selling in Walmart stores.

“Role models are essential, he said emphatically. ‘All of what I’ve accomplished, other people did first. I just followed their model. Find someone who can mentor you!’” Read More…

It is so important to harness the power of a good support system. You need mentors to help you to find your way in this often complicated and expensive world of business. Look for successful examples and seek them out as teachers.

Let’s Discuss: Do you have visions of making it into a big box store, such as Walmart or Target?