On the Unstoppable Entrepreneur podcast, Robyn Johnson discusses “School’s out for Summer”.

What does summer mean for the eCommerce entrepreneur? Yes, the kids will be home and in your hair more often, but you’ll also hopefully be taking advantage of your flexible schedule for some vacations. The weather will be ripe for boating, beaches, and all things outdoorsy.

Well, it’s also time to assess your inventory and start prepping for Q4. Look at your margins, and figure out what is worth storing at the increased storage fees. Robyn shares,

“This is the year where your inventory really needs to be quick and nimble on Amazon’s site, at least.”

Amazon is really starting to crack down in a lot of areas, trying to reduce sellers taking advantage of loose regulations. If sellers don’t clue in and take action, they are going to find out the hard way.

Let's Discuss: How are you using your summer to prepare for fourth quarter? Share it in the comments.

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Robyn Johnson