On the Solopreneur Hour podcast, Michael O’Neal discusses with Brian Creager, “Amazon FBA Private Label Masterclass.

Brian began his career knowing nothing of hair care products, but soon enough he was creating and marketing his own brand of products. Brian proves that you don’t need to know a huge amount about manufacturing to sell your own product. You simply need to be able to identify the product for your target audience and find someone to make it.

As he points out in the podcast, you will need to be more comfortable with trademark laws, branding, and marketing than you will be with the process of manufacturing. Branding is so important and you’ll need to have your ducks in a row before your product launch.

“The last thing you want to do is put the time, effort, and money into commercializing a product and brand, and you’re launching it and you start selling it, and you get that dreaded cease and desist letter.”

As Brian stresses, it is so important to do your diligence and make certain that your product is actually 100% yours as well as that you do not step on the toes of anyone else because you will hear about it. When you tell people that you manufacture and sell private label products on Amazon, they typically assume that you are highly involved in the production process. In reality, the manufacturing company handles the bulk of this for you. While you might know some details of the manufacturing process, your primary responsibility is in the branding and marketing of the items.

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Let’s Discuss: Do you sell private label products in your eCommerce business? What steps do you take to prepare prior to product launch?

Amazon FBA Private Label Masterclass with Brian Creager

by Michael O’Neal

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