Karon Thackston from the Marketing Words Blog reveals how to effectively use the 12 zones of an Amazon Product Page to your advantage. Thackston interviewed Lisa Suttora, the CEO of Lisa Suttora International and an eCommerce marking strategist about the 12 zones and how an online seller can use an Amazon Product Page to increase their sales.

The 12 zones are:

Source: Marketingwords

Source: Marketing Words

  1. Title
  2. Images
  3. Feature Bullets
  4. Pricing
  5. Buy Box
  6. Product Description
  7. Search Terms
  8. Keyword Page
  9. Categorization
  10. Product Details
  11. Product Reviews
  12. Variations

Lisa had this to say about editing your 12 zones to most benefit your customers:

“When selling products online; it’s easy to forget that behind every Amazon sale is a person. If your page isn’t designed to connect to the conversation that’s happening in the shopper’s mind, you won’t make the sale. Your page must appeal to both the buyer’s emotion and their intellect.”

Sellers often optimize the page for search engines, stuffing fields with keywords or stilted phrases designed for search engine optimization.

But they don’t focus on using the triggers that speak to the PERSON buying the product—the biggest trigger being the benefits of the product.

“How will this product improve or enhance the buyer’s life? How will it make their lives easier, more fun, save time, save money, solve a problem?”

It can be tempting to flood your product page with keywords, bold fonts, and capitalized letters to try and get a customer’s attention, but finding a way to provide a product in a better, more informative, or more efficient way is the key to accumulating customers and growing your eCommerce business. Effectively using the 12 zones of an Amazon product page to accommodate to your customers is the best way to increase your sales.

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