On the Thrifting for Profit the Amazon Way podcast, Debra Conrad and Charlene Anderson discuss, “Is it Time for eBay?

Due to brand restrictions trickling down from Amazon, some sellers are gradually shifting focus to eBay. Debra and Charlene explain that there is no reason to get frantic over the new brand regulations at Amazon. Most small brands and wholesale items will not have any issues with the new rules. They also discuss product pricing, Prime eligibility, and other important issues in this episode.

“If you are already on eBay, stay there…but the money is far better on Amazon. I want to keep eBay as as backup. That’s my second basket of eggs.”

One of the downsides to selling on eBay is that most eBay sellers pack and ship on their own. That means you’ll need a place to store the goods and have the time and personnel to pack the products for shipment. This said, if you already sell on Amazon, you could use their multi-channel fulfillment service to fulfill your eBay orders from an Amazon FBA center. The prices for this will vary based upon the size and shipping method used.

The big takeaway from this is that there is no reason to freak out and abandon Amazon for eBay. Amazon will continue to make adjustments to the regulations. We need to keep calm, adapt and make all the profit we can. At the same time, though, it’s always a good idea to maintain activity in a variety of sales channels. Don’t limit yourself to just Amazon or just eBay.

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Let’s Discuss: Have you expanded to selling on other marketplace channels other than Amazon?  If so, what other platforms do you utilize? Share below in the comments.

Is it Time for eBay?

by Debra Conrad

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