The Amazon FBA Private Label Show Podcast

Why Every Serious Amazon FBA Seller Needs an Authority Website

On the Private Labeler Show Podcast Nick Landowski discusses, Why Every Serious Amazon FBA Seller Needs an Authority Website.”

The competition on Amazon is extreme. It can be downright impossible, let alone difficult, to get ahead using only an Amazon based sales strategy.

So, what exactly is an authority website?

It’s an excellent quality website that is built around your product niche. Frequent posting provides high quality informational content to readers. The blog posts will not just inform readers, but drive them to your Amazon product listing.

“Having an authority website is really going to put you over the edge…This is just that one little thing that you can differentiate yourself from the competition to drive additional sales and add value to your brand.”

An authority website will also be a valuable asset in the case that you want to sell your business. It’s also useful in the event that your Amazon account is suspended. You have a greater chance of being accepted into the Amazon Brand Registry.

Keep in mind, however, that it can be a challenge to keep up with fresh quality content on an authority website.


Let’s Discuss: Do you have your own blog or website to encourage traffic to your Amazon storefront?