Amazon is one of the best and most popular platforms to begin your own eCommerce business. Due to its dominance in the market, its ease to set up and the abundance of resources online to be successful, you can sell your products quickly and be confident that there are buyers who have access to your product.

Once you have your seller account set up and ready to go, you have to add products to your site. This is how your products become accessible and how possible purchasers learn your product. Follow this guide in order to learn two things: how to create your Amazon listings page, and how to create an effective page that will get buyers to find and purchase your product!

Creating Your Page

Once you have the product that you want to sell, the first step is creating your Amazon listings page for your product. This may be easy for you, or the most challenging part for you, depending on your familiarity and experience with the Amazon site.

No matter your Amazon capabilities, the beauty of selling with Amazon is the fact that so many people are already selling their own products on it! Because of this, there are an extensive amount of resources that can help you with this process.

If you learn better by following a list of instructions, Amazon has their own step-by-step guide to creating a page listing.

As you can see, there are only 6 easy steps to setting up your listing, according to Amazon. Not only that, Amazon includes links where you can find more information about a given topic so that, if you have any more questions, you will have no problem finding the information. It’s so easy, right? You can visit this guide here.

If you are more of a visual person and would prefer watching how this can be done, I recommend the following video on How to Create an Amazon FBA Listing:

This video is a fantastic learning tool where Mommy Income, explains the entire process with extensive detail. One commenter writes, “Thanks, Kristin, I was overwhelmed with their listing form and you made it so simplified, by George I think I can do it!”

If you continue to have difficulties after following Amazon’s guide, this is the perfect video for you! You can easily follow along with the video as you make your own listing.

Once you have your Amazon page listing set up and ready to go, you need to know what you have to do so that people will actually view your listing and want to buy your product.

Read the following section to create a persuasive page listing!

Creating & Promoting Your Listing Page

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Promoting Your Amazon Listing Page

Once you have your listing page set up, it is important that you can use it in order to further promote your product so that it is more successful on the market, thus helping you earn more!’s blog tells readers:

When creating a listing on Amazon, you don’t have much control on the design of the page itself since it is the default Amazon template. All you have control of is the product title, image, and description – and this is where we need to make sure our listing shines.

Read the following section in order to learn how to promote your own Amazon listing page so that you can sell more, faster!

  • The Title

According to’s “Create A Unique Product Listing,” the author explains that the title is exceptionally important because this is the first thing that potential purchasers will see. Sellbrite explains what makes a good title a good title.

For example, “PowerBooster 2000” is not a good title – your customer might not have the slightest idea what it is. On the other hand, “PowerBooster 2000 Charging Pack For Apple iPhone 5” is much better, since it covers more keywords and presents the product much more clearly.

“Less is more” is not a good rule to follow here. The more specific a page listing title is, the greater understanding of the product the buyer will have. It is more likely that the purchaser will click on the title if they know that that is what they are searching for.

Winning with Your Amazon Listings [Podcast]

If you want to learn more about creating effective listing titles, I also recommend listening to the podcast episode “Amazon Product Page Titles That Help Sell Your Stuff”.

Amazon Product Page Titles That Help Sell Your Stuff (podcast)

Charlene Anderson and Debra of discuss the importance of a great title, as well as what you should consider when creating an Amazon Listing Page title.

Although it is quite long (1 hour and 17 minutes!), this podcast episode is extremely beneficial to those who do not feel confident enough to create an effective title. Debra writes:

Remember, just because we build it… does not mean they will come.

Product pages need to have all the “Right Keywords” in the “Right Places” to get the customers to FIND our product page.

Then we need to get creative and use those “Selling Phrases” that entice the customer to BUY our products.

Feel free to listen to the podcast episode on your browser here, or download it through your favorite podcast application!

  • The Description’s blog also emphasizes the importance of a good Amazon listings description, as equally important as the title. This is because of the same philosophy: that the more information you give to possible purchasers, the more likely they will know exactly what the product is.

Without essential information, purchasers do not want to risk buying a product that is not what they are looking for. The author writes:

A good description doesn’t focus on just the product itself. Instead, think about who your customer is and why they would want to buy your product – then start writing. 

So instead of writing about just the features of the product, write about the benefits of the product. You can even join the two, either as feature-benefit, or benefit-feature, or you can even mix it up.

The importance of this is to think about what your purchaser wants and needs, and how you the seller can help satisfy that need. The more you can show that the purchaser needs your product, the more likely you will persuade them to buy it – especially if there is another person selling a similar product!

The blog provides some overall key guidelines to follow:

With these guidelines for creating an excellent Amazon listing description, you should have no problem selling your product using Amazon! Since you will be tailoring your description towards the needs of the audience, as well as making your page visually-appealing, it is more likely that purchasers would feel confident when purchasing your product.

  • Getting Reviews

Without positive reviews, your product is less likely to sell—even if you have a fantastic title and description. If you have a great title and description, you may sell to some people who are willing to take the risk and purchase your product, but that will not be the case with all buyers. It is therefore important to build your credibility as a seller by getting positive reviews!

According to’s “Six Ways Online Retailers Can Better Optimize Listings for Amazon,” products with reviews “are often placed higher up on Amazon’s search page, meaning more exposure.” The article advises sellers as to how to acquire these all-important reviews:

Encourage customer reviews by reaching out to consistent and recent consumers. Politely ask them to post a review about the product on – what they liked about it, how it worked, would they purchase it again, etc.

Without reviews, it will be much more difficult to sell your product since you, as a seller, have little credibility, nor do you have as much exposure. Therefore, when people do purchase your product, encouraging those buyers to review your product will help you sell even more!

  • The Buy Box

If you want to be more successful with your sales, as well as receive more exposure, you have to win the Buy Box.

Step By Step: The 10 Best Videos for Beginners on How to Sell on eBay

What is this Buy Box?

Will Mitchell from’s “5 Dirty Hacks for Amazon Sellers to Dominate the Marketplace” explains that the Buy Box is a necessary tool in order to sell successfully on Amazon. They provide the following image for you to see what it is:

The Buy Box are those sellers who are displayed on another listing page. The sellers that show up on the Buy Box are those who have the lowest prices for that same product. That means that you as a seller can earn more sales, even though you will take a price cut. It can be worth the risk because this will help build your credibility as a seller. Also, even though you are reducing your price, you will have more purchasers, which will make up the lower revenue earnings.

  • Create Parent/Child Pages

According to’s “Six Ways Online Retailers Can Better Optimize Listings for Amazon:”

Another drawback to is that the catalog is flooded with sellers who create separate product detail pages for products that are essentially the same – differing only by size or color. Some sellers believe that creating separate product detail pages for related products will increase their visibility. However, in my opinion, it greatly deters from the user experience.

Customers do not want to sort through ten different detail pages of the same product in order to find the size or color they are looking for. I recommend making parent/child relationships between products (Amazon provides detailed instructions on how to do this).

These relationships allow related products to be grouped together on a single detail page. This helps reduce the number of search results and helps customers more easily view and compare the different sizing and color options that are available for a product – creating a much friendlier user experience.

For example, if you are selling one pair of shoes of different colors, you do not want a separate page for each color. You want one parent page (for the shoes) with different child pages for each of the different colors.’s “Creating Parent-Child Listings on Amazon” shows the following example:


This is easier for the buyer because they can easily find all of the colors that you are selling in one location! Not only that, the purchaser will know what colors you have. If you have a separate page per color, you risk the purchaser being unaware of the different options you provide. You do not want it to be the case that someone does not buy your shoes because you do not have a specific color—when in reality, you do!

As an Amazon seller, you now have all the tools that you need in order to create the most effective Amazon Page Listing to sell your product quickly and easily!

By following our guide, you increase your chances of having more exposure, persuading purchasers that your product is the best one for them and how to take advantage of the Buy Box!

Let's Discuss: What are your biggest questions about creating and promoting your product listing page? Share in the comments below.

Creating & Promoting Your Listing Page

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