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This Master List of eCommerce Seller Tools, Resources & Services comprises over 40 of the most recommended tools and services for Amazon, eBay, Etsy and eCommerce Sellers ranging from product research and inventory management to repricing software and product photography apps.

This list is meant to provide a general outline for the tools and services eCommerce & Online Marketplace sellers will seek out at some point to support your eCommerce business.

Luckily, we’ve had the opportunity to interview some of the providers listed below – so if you are interested in learning more about a particular tool or service, please check out our Product Reviews for a more in-depth perspective.

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Amazon seller tools are designed to assist Amazon sellers in improving their business operations. Most of the tools we’ve listed cost $100 per month or less, and are appropriate for most small scale sellers. From inventory management to product and keyword research, you’ll find what you need to run your Amazon business to maximum profitability.




Use AMZShark to research the potential of Amazon products to sell. You find small niches of products that can give you great ROI. Use the data you collect to expand your product line, while minimizing your risk of acquiring items that flop.

You can also track your listings, detecting any changes. AMZShark will inform you of your product rankings for any chosen keywords. While anyone can benefit from this product, it is intended for established sellers who already have an established business selling on Amazon, but want to expand.

Pricing: Subscriptions are $10 the first month, then $299 per month thereafter.


ASINspector Pro

ASINspector claims to be able to cut your product research time by 80%. The tool gives some major advantages, such as providing best seller rankings. You’ll also be able to view which keywords your competitors are using, and scan products with your phone from any store. The revenue estimator and search tools are also useful.

It is a great all-around extension for businesses of all sizes. The price point is also attractive for smaller scaled sellers.

Pricing: This tool runs $97 one-time, then $10/month after 30 days.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

This Google Chrome extension is a must have for anyone serious about their Amazon business. It allows you to research products quickly, finding new ideas in the product database. Filter your results by sales per month, number of reviews, size of the item, and many more characteristics. View your results in an easy to understand organized format.

Use Product Tracker in this app to keep an eye on the competition. As well as monitoring competitor pricing, this tool will track your inventory and profit margins. With the Niche Hunter, you are able to check “opportunity scores” to find untapped areas for potential profitability. Use this feature to hedge success for your next private label endeavor.

Pricing: Priced between $97 and $197 in a one-time fee, it’s a great long-term investment.



TeraPeak shows you the most popular products and categories on both Amazon and eBay. It provides access to top selling items and eBay trends. You can compare pricing and sales activity across both eBay and Amazon.

Calculate your margins and use data to find products that have both high returns and low risk. Track your listings to determine how well your strategies are working for your business. When it comes to getting big sales results, big data matters. The data needs to be in a usable and helpful format, however.

TeraPeak provides a great way to achieve a lot of data that is useful for both Amazon and eBay.

Pricing: The cost is $30 per month for one market, and $50 per month for all markets. If you sell on multiple platforms, this tool may be a big asset to your business.

Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit

This mobile app is designed to make arbitrage on the go easier than ever. Use it to quickly scan barcodes, and get up to date pricing info straight from Amazon with every scan. The app will indicate which offers are Amazon offers, and which have the Buy Box. It uses 15 factors, including shipping rates and fees, to calculate your potential profit on items.

You can also search CamelCamelCamel through the app to review sales rank and historic data. Anyone in retail arbitrage knows the value of keeping costs down. This app is not a significant drain, and will work well, even for those just getting started.

Pricing: Profit Bandit, with unlimited monthly scanning, only costs $9.99 per month.



This tool allows you to track keyword performance and analyze product and seller ranking. You can also use it to find niches and get ideas for products and keywords.

The review manager makes it easy to address negative reviews, make improvements to customer service, and track your review history. The Super URL feature is another great way to boost your keyword ranking.  A great tool for tracking competitor’s products and pricing changes on Amazon.

Pricing: Plans for this enhanced Amazon keyword tracker range from $39 to $129 per month after free trial period.

Profit Bandit

Cleer Platinum

This software is designed to help those who source products online, whether for researching products or performing online arbitrage.   

As you are browsing products on Amazon, you’ll be provided with buttons at the bottom of each product page. Using these buttons, you can access valuable information, such as lowest selling cost outside of Amazon versus the going rate on Amazon. It calculates the profit margin for you.

When searching other websites for products, you’ll be able to select an Amazon or eBay button to view the relevant data from those marketplaces. With all that this tool offers, it’s a great choice for anyone in online arbitrage, and may be worthwhile for others as well.

Pricing: For a one-time fee of $97, Cleer Platinum is a worthwhile value for the cost.


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Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher

From the makers of AMZTracker, this Chrome extension works for product research, as well as some inventory management.

You’ll get a detailed look at estimated sales, prices, reviews, and more for each product. The dashboard is easy to navigate and keeps your data super organized. The sales and revenue estimators make it simple to determine the profitability of any niche. You’ll save yourself a lot of time researching with this tool, and the best part is the price.

Pricing: With a price tag of FREE, this one is definitely worth a try.

AMZ Analyzer

AMZ Analyzer

The AMZ Analyzer software does just what it sounds like it does. It analyzes your data and calculates profit. It also includes all of your FBA fees into the calculations, as well as your inbound shipping costs. It will then calculate net profit, as well as ROI%.

The software can help you with product research, using a variety of criteria. You can customize your settings to view which information is most important to you first. It is a great all-around tool for plugging any leaks and improving your profitability.

Pricing:  Get a 2-day pass for $10 or a 5-day pass for $20. If you need it for longer or on-going periods, it's $29 per month.

Whenever you’re listing or thinking about listing a product on Amazon, it is particularly important to know whether you are approved to sell it or not. And here’s where this nifty tool comes in. CheckPermission gives instant on-screen notifications that indicate whether you are approved to sell any physical Amazon product including books.

Currently available only in the U.S., this software plug-in works on Inventory Lab and will display alerts even while you list your products. You will no longer need to click around in search for your approval status for each and every item. CheckPermission will allow you to save on time and boost your productivity.

This plug-in works on the Chrome Browser for PC and Mac only. In order to use it, you must be logged in to your Amazon Seller account. Simply search for any product or ASIN on Amazon and CheckPermission will automatically display its permission status. It will also display the conditions you are allowed to sell the product in.

Pricing:  Priced at $39.99 as a one-time fee which includes updates. There’s a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.




Frequently checking your Amazon listings to ensure competitive pricing is a hassle. This tool eliminates that need by automatically repricing your products.

You simply input data, such as your costs and minimum/maximum prices. Bqool follows your set rules, so that you stay within your desired profit margins. These pricing changes are detected around the clock, and adjustments are made as necessary, automatically.

The dashboard and reports display performance statistics, including Buy Box win percentage, best-selling listings, and FBA vs FBM sales figures. This repricing tool helps you to keep your prices competitive without compromising your profits.

Pricing: Offers a 14-day free trial.  With plans starting at $25 per month, Bqool is relatively inexpensive compared to other repricing tools.



CamelCamelCamel is a free Amazon price tracker. You can browse millions of products, and set up price watches. You’ll receive alerts when prices drop on items you are watching. Download the Camelizer browser extension and you’ll also have access to price history charts for 18 million Amazon products.

There is a lot of helpful information to be found here. You can view top Amazon price drops on products, as well as the most popular products selling on Amazon daily. All of this info can help you make better product choices, and buy at the right time for the best price for maximum profitability.

Pricing: Sign-up is free, and it’s definitely a tool that you will find a ton of uses for.



Keepa is an easy-to-use price tracker. It is free to use and works best for Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Alerts can be scheduled for either price drops or availability. Once the price history add-on is installed, the graph will display on every Amazon product page.

You’ll also see hot deals and overviews of recent price drops. The database is huge and continuously updating. There is really no reason not to use a price tracker, such as Keepa.

Pricing: Keepa is a free price tracking tool.



This repricing tool can be a serious help for maximizing your Amazon selling experience. It can be difficult to manage your prices, and maintain at or under your competition. Instead of spending your hours monitoring product prices, you can allow this tool to do it for you.

You will boost your chance of winning the Buy Box, and maximize your profit margins. Set your limits on products, then watch as you always have the best prices. AppEagle claims an average 1000% in sales increases from its users. The price rules out most young businesses, however. This is a higher-priced tool for the already successful entrepreneur looking to expand further.

Pricing: At $100 per month for the basic plan and $150 per month for the premium plan, the price is somewhat steep.  Best suited for the professional seller who is averaging enough sales to justify the cost.



Get 30% off 3 months to anyone who becomes a paying Appeagle customer before the end of 2017.

Use the promo code AEHOLIDAYGIFT2017 and your discount will be applied after you complete your 14-day free trial 



For repricing tools, this one is quite inclusive. Set minimums and profit margins to your preference. Try out different repricing strategies without uploading them to Amazon yet to figure out what works best for you. Set up an exclusion list if you like for items with a fixed price.

Repriceit is lightning fast, handling 30,000 reprices per hour, and is easy to operate from any mobile device. You’ll also receive reports to help you analyze and tweak your pricing strategy.

Pricing: It’s quite reasonable, with the starting plan, covering up to 500 items, costing $9.95 per month.


Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage is specifically created for sellers seeking to build an online and retail arbitrage business for Fulfilment By Amazon.  The software allows Amazon sellers to search from more than 500 3rd party wholesale and retail sources to find profitable products to resell on Amazon and includes resources to help source books and the analysis of wholesale manifests.

You can filter the data by price, ROI, sales rank, or other criteria. You can save a lot of time with the SMS feature. Start your scan, and walk away. Tactical Arbitrage will send you a text when your scan is complete.  You can also run multiple scans at once.

This software is compatible with mobile devices. It can run 3 scripts simultaneously—Amazon US, Amazon Flips, and Amazon UK. Tactical Arbitrage has more supported sites than competitors. It’s a fantastic tool for those looking to speed up their arbitrage game with automated product leads.

Pricing:  At $99 per month after your 7-day free trial, this software is steep, but may be worth it to your business if it takes your online arbitrage sourcing to the next level.



Oaxray is a Google Chrome browser extension tool for Amazon FBA seller to find inventory using online arbitrage.  You can filter and source results for products at hundreds of stores.

With OAXRay, you just input the URL of the website you want to scan pages of products, and in a matter of minutes, the tool quickly finds the profitable items that retailer has to offer.

Rather than evaluating products and prices at dozens of different websites, this tool consolidates all of the data in an organized, easy to interpret format. There is also an Amazon-to-Amazon deal finding feature and a variation analyzer. Save products you choose to a buy list, and come back to it when you’ve completed your research.

OAXRay helps to speed up the process of finding great deals online. 

Pricing: OAXRay is priced at $99 per month after your 10-day free trial. That may sound steep, but this is another extremely powerful tool that can dramatically increase the number of products you can find while sourcing online.


Inventory Lab - Scoutify

Inventory Lab

This web-based inventory management and bookkeeping tool is a swiss army knife for Amazon sellers. It includes a built-in sourcing function that can be used to quickly research if an item is worth purchasing for resale.

It handles everything needed to manage and process your inventory from listing, accounting and most importantly, the ability to track the profitability for every SKU you sell on Amazon. Their accounting features help you keep track of all of your business expenses and allows you to run handy profit/loss reports that are necessary during tax preparation.

Included with your subscription is the Scoutify mobile scanning app for sourcing inventory in-store as a Retail Arbitrage seller.  If you want to make your business profitable, you have to know your numbers; and Inventory Lab is the all-in-one solution for running your Amazon business.

Price: After 30-day free trial, $480 per year or $49 per month.



This tool eliminates all of the guesswork involved in ordering and stocking your inventory. FBA ordering takes a lot of your time in calculations. In this app, hard data is analyzed to determine when and how much inventory to order.

In addition to inventory management, this tool uses analytics to predict future product sales or potential pitfalls. The monthly snapshots of inventory help to simplify accounting, as well.  It's a great tool for managing your replenishable inventory.

Pricing: You can get started at $40 per month for up to 1000 orders. Whether or not the price is worth it, depends upon your individual business and its needs.  



This is a one touch FBA inventory processing system. It’s one of the only systems available that allows you to source, list, and sell your merchandise with this one tool. Providing live competitive data, this tool helps you make good purchasing decisions.

If you do retail arbitrage in your business, the mobile app is convenient for scanning items in stores. ScanPower’s Report feature now provides a fully integrated bookkeeping system.

Pricing: There are various pricing levels, starting at $24 per month and moving up, depending on your business scale. The mobile app is free.

Amazon Seller Mobile App

Amazon Seller Mobile App

The Amazon Seller app is a must-have for anyone selling on Amazon. Even part-time sellers will make use of the convenience of easily managing orders and inventory from a phone or tablet. It goes beyond basic management, however. You can also search for new products by price, sales rank, and reviews. You can estimate profitability of items. Respond to customers and create new listings on the go. You’ll be able to access Amazon support from the app, as well.

The app is secure and information is routed through Amazon servers. Best parts about this app are that it downloads instantly, and it’s free!

Pricing: This app is free, and you will get a lot of use out of it as an Amazon seller.

Refunds Manager

Refunds Manager

Managing your shipments, returns, and eligible reimbursements can be a major headache. Neglecting it can lose you a lot of money, however. The Refunds Manager tool takes care of handling the nitty gritty of reimbursements which are owed you by Amazon. It simply imports all of your FBA transactions, hunts for errors, makes claims, and secures Amazon FBA reimbursements for you.

Regarding any transactions that are eligible for reimbursement, the company makes sure to stay within Amazon's policy terms. They will manually review each case and will not automate the process of submitting claims to Amazon on your behalf. Refunds Manager compiles a report of your cases and amounts of money recovered.

This is a great service that helps sellers get back more reimbursements than they would have had time to find on their own, so they can focus more on running their business.

Pricing: You pay nothing upfront.  You pay a 25% commission on the money that Refunds Manager helps you get back.  If they can't recover the funds then there is no charge.


Merchant Words


This tool helps to simplify keyword research by providing keyword results from their huge database that Amazon visitors use everyday as they shop. Merchant Words provides you with estimates for the total number of Amazon searches performed for specific terms.

It’s important to know your keyword relevancy when listing a product, or people won’t ever see it. This tool takes the guess work out of the process. Simply input your search term. The program provides data for that term and variants of it.

It’s simple to use, but knowing the popularity of search terms can make all the difference to your business. There are other ways to figure out which search keywords to use, but if you’re into hard numbers, Merchant Words can give them to you.

Pricing: This tool runs $30 per month for unlimited access.


eCom Exclusive Readers receive a substantial discount - Get MerchantWords for just $9.00/month ($21.00 savings!)



Research keywords, manage your PPC, track sales and ranking, and receive comprehensive monitoring of reviews. Sellics provides for all of this and more. You can even track buybox ownership with it.

Research products, manage your inventory, and optimize your ads. What can’t it do? Combine all of your favorite tools into one, and it would look like this all-in-one choice. Improve your rankings and maximize your profits with this all-in-one tool that is packed with features.

Pricing: Plans start at $77 per month, and it’s worth it if you can eliminate the need for others with this all-inclusive tool.

Scope (amazon tool)


Unlock advanced Amazon keyword research, and find new products to increase your profits with the Scope tool from SellerLabs.

You can use it as a web app or Chrome extension. The profit calculation is useful, as well as a reverse ASIN look-up on the Amazon product page. It will show you keywords that are currently ranking for that product.

You’ll also get scores for the keyword choices. Scope can also watch potential products for you. Overall, there is a lot of detailed information that is available right at your fingertips using Scope.

Scope is currently only available for the US Marketplace.

Pricing: Plans start at $32.50 per month to track up to 100 keywords and products.

Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector

This isn’t just one tool, but a suite of useful tools.

Reverse ASIN is a great method for automatically finding keywords.

If you prefer traditional keyword search tools, Keyword Trends fits the bill. It contains a searchable database of more than 52 million keywords.

KIPRT is a product research tool contained in the suite that lets you search products via keywords and number data. The Indexation Tester can show you if your products are properly indexed and able to be found by shoppers.

You’ll also get, for free, an Amazon Suggestions tool and an Amazon Search Terms Optimizer. These tools all sell separately, however, and it can get pricey.

Pricing: Each tool is different, but the Keyword Trends tool costs $39.95 per month.


River Cleaner

This Chrome extension can automatically optimize your Amazon listings. You’ll be able to see if you’ve missed any important keywords in your product listings, as the tool searches through the keywords of competitors.

Estimate your profit, simply by entering a sale price into the earnings calculator. Edit your HTLM to create a striking product listing. Don’t worry – the tool will make sure that you stay in compliance with Amazon guidelines. The tool also reveals the names of bad reviewers, even if they make the review anonymously.

If you struggle to figure out keyword optimization, this might be a great benefit to your business. You can stop wasting so much time researching, and turn your attention to those activities that make more money for your business.

Pricing: This tool is priced on a per product basis. For just $7 per month, you can use it for one product listing, while $99 per month gets you up to 100 products. There are levels in between for anyone’s business needs.

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker

As the very first Amazon keyword rank tracker, this tool provides insight into keyword and product rankings, which you’ll need to grow your sales. In addition, you’ll be able to track the actual sales volume of your competitors.

Use the special SEO tool to instantly supercharge traffic to your listing. The page analyzer will help you to see what can be improved to optimize your Amazon product listing. You will also get fast notification of negative reviews, so that you can work to correct the problems, and eliminate the damage as quickly as possible.

AMZ Tracker is a great keyword rank tracker, but also a good all-purpose Amazon listing optimization tool that you can use to boost traffic and sales overall on Amazon's marketplace.

Pricing: While the basic package is $50 per month, the professional one, for $100 per month, gets you unlimited product promotions instead of just 3.


Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius

Positive feedback is critical to the health of an Amazon business. This tool is 100% Amazon compliant, and can be a huge help.

Instead of worrying about sending emails to recent purchasers to request feedback, let Feedback Genius automate the process. Customize your settings, including your message and the length of time between the purchase date and reminder email.

You’ll be notified to new negative feedback immediately, so that you can quickly address any problems. If you struggle to remember this important step, and your reviews are slumped, this might be the tool for you.

Pricing: The basic package, which can send 100 emails per month is free. The other plan options range from $20 per month to $250.

Feedback Five

Feedback Five

This Amazon feedback management tool can help you to really gain control over the product reviews that seem so out of control or non-existent. With this software, you can automatically request feedback from buyers.

You can review negative or neutral feedback and even request removals of negative reviews. If you can efficiently resolve customer complaints, most are happy to delete their scathing reviews when requested.

If you’re searching for Amazon feedback software, this is a great all-purpose tool for managing reviews in your Amazon business.

Pricing: Plans range from the $9.99 basic package the $99.99 per month choice, which covers up to 20,000 emails.


Selling on eBay requires a specific range of knowledge and ability. These 7 tools we’ve compiled can provide sellers with a leg up on the competition without breaking the bank. Some of these tools are even free! You can make keyword research, multi-channel listings, and ranking tracking a breeze with these helpful tools.




The website and WordPress plugin displays the most popular items and auctions on eBay. Most popular items have been voted on by shoppers and sellers, and are ranked accordingly. Search for keywords or categories that interest your business.

The website will display the most watched items on eBay. This can be useful in determining what products to buy for arbitrage, and can also give you ideas for pricing.

Pricing: The website is free to use, and the plugin is also free to install. This would be a beneficial free tool for eBay sellers.




Auctiva is a particularly useful tool for small scale eBay sellers. It includes photo hosting and more than 1,800 auction templates for your eBay listings. The scrolling gallery is very helpful for getting more product exposure. The sales reports can assist you in evaluating your performance. You can create reports based on hits, bids, watches, and more.

Their inventory management can help you identify your best selling items and make use of the auto-relist feature.

Pricing: The price for this tool is very reasonable, ranging from $9.95 to $19.95 per month after your 30 day free trial.

Export Your Store

This software can export your eBay store to the Amazon marketplace automatically. This smart tool allows you to simply sign up, and your eBay listings will be exported to Amazon. The service will also keep them in sync for you. No worries!

Often times, we figure out one platform and get comfortable. Unfortunately, selling well on eBay does not automatically translate to Amazon success. This software gets rid of the guesswork, and transforms your eBay store into equally attractive Amazon listings.

The service does not come cheaply, though. For those who are looking to grow your sales with minimum effort and to expand to multi channel selling with inventory synchronization, Export Your Store may be just the tool for you.

Pricing: Plans range from $99 per month for up to 1,000 items to $250 per month and above for custom plans.



If you multi-channel sell on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento, you can bring your inventory under one, easy-to-control tool.

Whenever a product is sold on any site, it will update your stock level across the board.  The tool will make sure that your inventory is always up to date and accurate. Control the amount of stock that shows on your items, also, making demand look higher for your products. The true numbers will always show on your account, however.

As a cloud-based solution, you can always list your products quickly and easily from anywhere with Veeqo.

Pricing: After a free 14 day trial, costs start at $149 per month



InkFrog helps users to list items to eBay faster by automating a someone arduous task. Use your own template or build one to your preference.

You can upload and edit images easily, as well as keep track of orders. Create rule sets to auto relist items for listings that close. Automatically updating your profile and listings is also easy with InkFrog’s sync technology. EBay messaging is built right in, and you can proficiently manage multiple eBay accounts from this one tool.

Overall, it looks like a great multi-purpose tool that can really simplify your eBay business.

Pricing: Plans range from a free very basic plan to $29 per month for the unlimited plan.

Pixelz logo


If you struggle to get professional quality images for your listings, this photo editing service might be worth a look. Pixelz offers a variety of service levels to meet your business needs.

At the basic (Solo) level, you’ll receive background removal, cropping, alignment, shadows, and more with a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround time. At the pro retailer level, you’ll have access to everything in the Solo level, plus retouching, lower per image pricing, and optional 3 hour expedite turnaround time.

If you take a lot of photos for your product line, and can’t get them to look top notch, you should give this service a try. Pricing for the lowest plan is on a per image basis, with three free image edits to start. It’s a great option for small online retailers.

Pricing: The Solo level has no monthly fee, but a $1.45 per image cost. The pro retailer level costs $49 per month, but has a lower cost per image of $.95.


Feedback Reminder

Feedback Reminder

We all know how important positive feedback is if you want to get anywhere on Amazon or eBay. This app uses the eBay messaging system to remind your happy customers to leave a review if they are satisfied.

You can choose how many days after purchase or shipment the reminders will be sent. Choose a standard message or personalize your own specific to your niche of products. Results are typically seen very quickly—often within just hours.

Pricing: This tool is affordable at $3.99 per month, and may be very helpful to eBay sellers.


Selling on Etsy is a very different experience from selling on platforms such as Amazon or eBay. Choosing products and marketing them require an alternative approach from the typical online sales experience. Some of these 5 tools might give you just the help that you need to improve your success on Etsy. Get help with shop promotion and keyword research with these affordable or even free tools.


Etsy Keyword Tool

Etsy Keyword Tool Dominator

Finding popular long tail keywords can be challenging. This tool makes it easy to generate suggestions for search phrases that are frequently used by real customers searching on Etsy.

Simply input a product name, keyword, or category and click search. The tool then begins rapidly typing in search terms into Etsy, based on the word you provide. The predictions that pop up will be listed in the Keyword Results panel. Save your choices onto your keyword list.

From there, you can use the keywords in your listing, or import them to another tool, such as Keyword Planner, to get more comprehensive data than just Etsy search. It’s super easy to use, and the best part is the price!

Pricing: Signup for this tool is completely free to receive 3 searches daily. The full version of the Etsy Keyword Tool provides unlimited online usage and has a one-time cost of $19.99


Etsy Rank

If you’re looking for a suite of Etsy seller tools to help you maximize your Etsy business, Etsy Rank is for you.

Use the Keyword Tool and Rank Checker to find great ideas and maximize the impact of your listings. The Market and Social Reports will show you data for where your traffic is coming from, as well as to the Etsy marketplace as a whole. Compare Listings and Shops easily with two of the other featured reports.  In total, Etsy Rank includes 17 tools.

Monitor your shop’s performance with graphs, easily. You can also calculate profit on your Etsy items, including all labor, materials, shipping costs, and fees. There is all of this and more available to Etsy Rank members. This feature rich suite of tools for Etsy sellers is a must have resource.

Pricing: Free when you register for an account.



Etsy Gadget

This set of tools provides information that can help you to more successfully promote your shop and listings. The listings in search tool allows you to find out where your listings appear within Etsy search. Listings in Trends shows you if your listings are in trends, and if so, what position they hold.

The Hearts Counter lets you know how many times you have favorited or unfavorited items. Many sellers promote each other in this method, so knowing how close you are to your 300 heart per hour limit is useful.

Pricing: These Google Chrome extensions are free, so they are certainly worth a try if you sell on Etsy.



This popular tool for Etsy shop owners has a variety of features. It places grades on your listings to help you to maximize your effectiveness. Not only does it grade you, but it breaks it down, showing you how to improve each listing.

Use MarmaMeters to view which keywords shoppers are really engaging with and how much competition there is. Use Storm for a huge list of keyword suggestions for your unique items. The Trending Tags feature shows you which tags are trending, so you’ll know what to use on your listings. The Word Cloud is one more way to determine tags and keywords. Price charting and search phrase metrics are additional helpful aspects of this tool.

Pricing: You can test the waters with limited features for free. The full package is $19 per month, and well worth it.


The following 6 tools are useful for every eCommerce & online marketplace seller. Product photography and business organization are just a couple of the areas of importance across every sales channel. These products and services can make a big difference in your business without costing you a fortune.




This is a terrific place to start your ecommerce website. There are a lot of themes and it has great support available to help newcomers get their feet wet in ecommerce. You need absolutely zero design knowledge or HTML experience. Choose from more than 100 beautiful templates, and easily customize it with your own pictures, videos, and text.

Showcase your products in an online catalogue that looks great and is easy for customers to browse. Payment transactions are secure, and a variety of payment methods are accepted. Veteran sellers may not rely on Shopify, due to the cost, but it’s hard to beat for newbies trying to learn the ropes.

Pricing: Plans range from basic $29 per month to $299 per month for advanced upscaling of your thriving business.

Want to try Shopify to create your online store in just 60 seconds?




This free service gives you cash back for online purchases. The browser reminds you to activate your cash for purchases.

How does it work? You click Ebates’ links to go through with purchases. Retailers provide Ebates a percentage of every referred sale. Ebates splits that referral reward with you, making the process beneficial to everyone involved.

You make money off of Ebates. Ebates makes money off of you. And the retailer makes a sale. Everybody wins!

Pricing: Membership is free, and you stand to reap a nice benefit.




This organizational tool will help to eliminate your paper receipts and business cards, create expense reports, and more.

It can also track your mileage and help you prepare for tax time with IRS approved receipt images.  Just scan in receipts and other paperwork that you want to organize. You can then easily access all of the information from anywhere in a categorized format.

This tool is beneficial for businesses, as well as personal finances.

Pricing: Plans start at $15/month.




This unique product transforms any smartphone into a complete photo studio.

You can take professional quality photos of products with your phone and this compact, foldable assembly. It includes the main assembly, multiple backdrops, an LED light strip, a carrying pouch, an international adapter kit, and instructions.

High quality photos are a must for anyone selling online. Professional photography is expensive. This product allows you to achieve the clean backdrop and bright atmosphere that product pictures require.

Pricing: The Foldio is $49 for the single LED strip and $59 for the dual LED strip.

Product Camera

Product Camera

The Product Camera mobile app allows you to take professional looking photos without the expense of a studio.

Just place your object on a solid colored surface, take the picture, and let the app do the rest. Turn any solid background into an aesthetically pleasing clean white backdrop. Add in soft shadows and customize the finished look.

It’s very easy to use and fully automatic. No photography skills or photo-shop know-how necessary.

Pricing: After a free trial, pay for picture credits from $.99 to $9.99.



This tool allows you to take photos with your phone or other device.

The background of your product is either darkened or lightened, without annoying grey shadows surrounding the image. The option to have a stark black background or plain white is a nice choice. The black background may be useful for creating social media images that pop, while white is most suitable for your actual sales listing.

Pricing: The best part about this tool is that it’s free!




Generally speaking, most ecommerce businesses can get running with a fairly small amount of capital.

Once a company takes root, however, needs change. Orders start piling in and your stock becomes depleted. You might want to expand your product line, but can’t do it without some help. Delaying until you have thousands of extra dollars sitting around might be a bad move, suffocating the growth of your business.

Stores that have no brick and mortar building often have a hard time acquiring loans.

This company provides small business loans to businesses like yours that need some help to get from point A to point B. Minimum qualifications are to be at least a year in operation and to generate revenue of at least $50,000 per year.

Pricing: These loans can be had in the amount of up to $100k, and you can find out if your business qualifies in as little as 10 minutes.


After Ship


This tool is designed to help online sellers and eCommerce businesses to manage shipment tracking.  

Keeping track of shipments, this app automatically notifies customers when their order has shipped, is in transit, and delivered. Shipments can be tracked through 372 different couriers.

The app makes it easy to know where your items are, and what you and your customers can expect. You will also have access to analytics to help you to know and improve your delivery performance. You will know your exceptions and have the chance to take swift action to resolve them. Percentages, whole figures, and graphs are provided to give you the most useful data available.

Pricing: The basic app is free, premium is $10 per month, and custom plans are available for large scale businesses.



Tax Jar

Let’s face it. Taxes are a nightmare. Tracking your paperwork, organizing your information, and keeping on top of Nexus regulations is downright intimidating.

The Tax Jar tool can streamline the process of doing your taxes. It creates custom reports for each state that you do business in, and spans all of your platforms. The reports will display taxes collected from each state, as well as local jurisdictions.

You’ll cut hours of time from filing. Tax Jar will do it for you. Once you enroll, the tool handles it for you, year after year. Don’t even worry about inputting data from your sales; Tax Jar uploads your data daily for you automatically.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $19.95 per month.