How to Beat the Amazon PPC System and Direct your Money into Search Terms that Sell

by Matt Ward

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On the FBA All Stars podcast, Matt Ward discusses “How to Beat the Amazon PPC System and Direct your Money into Search Terms that Sell.

Matt describes how Amazon is eliminating ways to cheat the system, forcing sellers to use paid advertising.

He describes how you can use long tail keywords that nobody else wants to get the most bang for your buck with Pay-Per-Click. This is called ACOS Scrapping, and can make a substantial improvement to your business.

You need to check your keywords’ effectiveness to make sure that your paid ads are profitable. Amazon and Google want you to waste your money.

“I think PPC is the make or break for successful sellers. I think most people don’t do it right. Most people don’t put in the time and effort necessary, and most people don’t use the systems needed to really succeed. My goals are always to use PPC to drive product rankings and to make a profit.” 

Amazon's Sponsored Advertising program is definitely a valuable tool to use, but only if it is being used appropriately. You can burn a lot of money on PPC campaigns if you have many keywords that don’t generate anything for you.

It’s crucial to evaluate and re-evaluate your PPC ad campaigns on a regular basis to keep them working for you.

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Amazon certainly doesn’t care if your business succeeds or not based on their ads. Those clicks you paid for might not generate any sales at all. They’ve still got your money, and your business is going to suffer.

It’s up to you to make sure that your PPC advertising is profitable, and that you use smart strategies. Matt talks a lot about PPC Entourage to keep track of his ad campaigns.

Key Takeaway: Monitor your PPC ads regularly. Don’t assume they are making you money just because they get clicked.