Sourcing Great Products from China Isn't as Complex as You Think

by Jim Cockrum

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On the Silent Sales Machine podcast, Jim Cockrum discusses with Shawn Hart, “Sourcing Great Products From China Isn't as Complex as You Think”.

Shawn runs an 8 figure Amazon business and travels to China regularly to build relationships with manufacturers and think of products that are new to the Amazon market.

You need to be testing products on Amazon regularly – at least a handful every month, according to Shawn. Not everything will sell, but if you try enough products, some of them will take off.

According to Shawn, it doesn't have to cost a small fortune to test new products on Amazon.  Just a few hundred dollars is all that it may require to find a profitable product to resell online and on Amazon.

Shawn takes groups of people to China to show them how to get products as close to the source as possible, and take advantage of the network that Shawn has already built.

“If you’re going to provide the best possible service at the best possible price to your customers, which is what business is…so they’re thrilled and your competitors can’t overtake you, well you’ve got to go as close to the source as you can. That’s why we’re excited about China.”

If you go directly to the source, you’ll be able to ensure the best service and prices to your customers with the best profit margins for you.

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Not everyone can or will go to China, but it’s important to know your options and Shawn explains his process to help take the complexity out of sourcing internationally.

In the episode, Jim and Shawn talk about avoiding counterfeit goods, when to use an agent instead of traveling to China, the success rate you can expect when traveling to China to source and how you can prepare for a trip.

Key Takeaway: Traveling to China to source for products is not as complicated as you might think. Even if you can’t go to China, focus on building close relationships with those in your supply chain.