On the MyWifeQuitHerJob podcast, Steve Chou discusses with Greg Mercer, “How to Make $400k/Month Selling on Amazon Using Jungle Scout.

If you’ve never heard of Greg Mercer, he is the creator of the Chrome plugin Jungle Scout, which simplifies Amazon product research. He also sells on Amazon to the tune of $400k per month—yes, per month!

Obviously, not everyone can have that kind of success, but Greg offers tips to increase your chances. For example, he started a partnership with another entrepreneur selling traditionally sourced wholesale. Then, he was able to branch into private label and start really making the big money.

Greg suggests newcomers jump straight into private label, rather than cutting teeth in wholesale first. Start out with high-volume products, such as health and beauty. He looks at Amazon's Best Sellers list to view the most competitive products but will click down a few subcategories to get ideas for products. You can also spy on other successful sales competitors.

Let's Discuss: How do you research which products to sell? Share in the comments.

How To Make 400K Per Month Selling On Amazon Using Jungle Scout With Greg Mercer

by Steve Chou

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