On the Thrifting for Profit podcast, Debra Conrad discusses with Charlene Anderson, “Q4 Prep and Clean Up Project Part 2.”

Debra and Charlene discuss the importance of cleaning up and clearing out your business to prepare for the busiest and hectic selling season for retailers everywhere, the long-awaited fourth quarter.  Their key takeaways: Don’t hang onto stuff that isn’t working, clean up your inventory and get things organized.

Rather than keeping rough estimates for when tasks will be accomplished, specify exact dates for the projects. This will be particularly helpful for planning for particular holidays. You should have dates marked to help you to plan and prep effectively.

“Focus is the name of the game. You’ve got to stay focused.”

The most important thing to remember in prepping for Q4 is to start early and set specific deadlines for yourself. If you leave these projects vague, they will not be done in an efficient manner and may not get done in time for you to be properly prepared for Q4.

Let’s Discuss: What are you doing to prepare for the Q4 selling season?  Share in the comments.

Q4 Prep and Clean Up Project Part 2

by Debra Conrad

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