On the Sellercast podcast, Chris Guthrie and his special guest Karen Waksman discuss, “How to Sell Your Amazon Products in Retail Stores.”

Most of us don’t have much interest in dealing with brick and mortar retail. That’s why we got into eCommerce. However, once a certain level of growth has been reached, you may want to expand by getting your products carried in major retail chains. This is where Waksman’s expertise comes into play.

Waksman provides education and coaching to help companies expand their physical product into retail chains. Some sellers market to small retailers first, while others shoot straight for the big names, like Walmart. Are you worried about giving up your hard earned Amazon success? Don’t be. Waksman explains,

So, you can simultaneously work with Amazon and you can work with these retailers. Kind of grow your business that way.

Selling your Amazon products in retail stores is just another avenue through which you can grow your eCommerce business. It’s not for everyone, but it can be a great method.

Let's Discuss:  Would you like to get your products on retail store shelves, or do you like the idea of keeping things strictly online?  Share it in the comments.

How to sell your Amazon products in retail stores

by Chris Guthrie

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