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Be a Profit Pro


Bryan Bowman

On the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show podcast, Robyn Johnson discusses with Bryan Bowman, “Be a Profit Pro.”

Bryan is from AMZ Profit Pros and talks about helping private labelers and the best selling strategies for Amazon. The biggest message to take away is that you don’t need to excel at everything.

“Lean into your strengths. Don’t try to be good at everything. Figure out your 80/20, your 90/10. What is it that’s giving you the biggest results?”

Robyn and Bryan talk about how to utilize Amazon Sponsored Product ads, as well as looking toward the future in Amazon marketing. Bryan emphasizes the importance of monitoring profitability. Know your numbers and market accordingly.

Amazon Sponsored Product ads are still good for product launches, as well as a fantastic source of keyword data. You can use this data to apply towards Amazon Marketing Services, or AMS. This is an advertising campaign available to private labelers on FBA. You’ll need to apply for it and submit a brand sample product in order to gain access to AMS for that brand. It’s definitely an undervalued method of advertising.

The ad displays at the top of the Amazon page, instead of in the typical location of Amazon Sponsored Product ads. It’s also important to select the right products and optimize your product listing in order to convert traffic into actual sales.

Bryan discusses three tips for achieving success in your business:

  • You need to control traffic, as in who comes to view your products.
  • You need to provide bait to encourage your customers to purchase a product.
  • Finally, you need to create value within your brand to provide incentive for customers to remain loyal, spending more money, more frequently.
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Let’s Discuss: Have you had any experience with Amazon Marketing Services? Do you think you’ll be looking into it? Share in the comments.