Merch by Amazon is an invitation only platform where entrepreneurs upload graphic designs to print onto t-shirts (done by Amazon). These entrepreneurs promote and sell these print-on-demand shirts, building an audience and improving their business along the way.

Have you been invited to sell t-shirts with Merch by Amazon? Can it really be as simple as uploading a design and raking in the profits? Luckily, you can learn the answer to this question from the best online resources to understanding Merch by Amazon.

An Introduction to Merch by Amazon and 10 Tips to Succeed with It

Brian Burt hosts a live webinar with Chris Green praising the opportunity for entrepreneurs to make money with Amazon's Merch program. Chris, author of “Merch Life,” defends Amazon’s business practices for “[putting] a lot of people in business who would not otherwise have been able to come to the marketplace.”

Chris Green reveals where to find his secrets to receiving quick approval for participating in Merch By Amazon. This webinar replay provides a huge amount of information on understanding the program.

Chris offers a quick introduction to Merch. He emphasizes how Amazon does all of the work with producing, billing and shipping the printed on demand t-shirts — without any upfront costs from you.

Part of the Green's video “Introduction: Make and Sell Custom Shirts with Merch by Amazon” is Amazon’s own introduction to the platform, which is quite helpful by itself. Chris shares that this program allows anyone to upload the image, set the price (which sets your

Chris shares that this program allows anyone to upload the image, set the price (which sets your royalty payment), and Amazon will handle the rest.  The program was originally intended for game developers to grow their brand.

Winning with Your Amazon Listings [Podcast]

The True North channel presents “10 Steps to be Successful with Merch by Amazon.

Daniel Alejandro Barrientos walks viewers through the following steps:

  1. Just start.
  2. Find a niche.
  3. Determine if your niche is right.
  4. Become active in social media.
  5. Improve designs to improve sales.
  6. Protect your designs.
  7. Optimize your listings.
  8. Develop pricing strategies.
  9. Promote your t-shirts.
  10. Expand beyond Amazon.

And…step #11! Barrientos stresses the importance of remaining positive throughout the process, especially if others try to copy your designs.

Step-By-Step Guides to Follow

Log on to George and Merrin Robinson’s website to learn the highlights of Merch by Amazon.

“Unless you want to pay to outsource your designs, a few hours of your time on Photoshop can result in hundreds of dollars’ worth of sales in a very short amount of time.” Read More

This post provides an example of your profit from the sale of one shirt after Amazon’s fees. In addition, the Robinsons cover the four categories of shirt designs that produce the most sales.

Chris Wilkey of FBA Master answers questions about Merch in this step-by-step guide. Wilkey explains Merch’s print on demand concept and lists the benefits for the entrepreneur.

According to Wilkey, to receive approval for Merch by Amazon, “The average wait time for an invitation is around 4 months.” Once approved, follow Wilkey’s illustrated steps to upload a t-shirt design to Amazon and find inspiration to make Merch work for you with the following tips:

  • Build an audience with a niche
  • Connect with local businesses to develop merchandise
  • Take advantage of major events and create a design
  • Research topics to find design ideas
How to Get Started Selling on Etsy

On The Real Dan Vega blog post, Dan Vega features a video revealing the most popular t-shirt colors to sell in the Merch by Amazon program.

After showing an upload of one of his designs, Vega shares that the colors shown under “Pick up to 5 t-shirt colors” are in order of popularity. Black and navy blue, the first two colors shown, are the most popular and best-selling colors.

The third row of colors, including white and maroon, sell the fewest shirts. When uploading designs, keep in mind not only what colors look the best, but also the colors that sell the most.

To achieve success with Merch by Amazon, begin by finding your niche and creating designs using the tips from the above sources.

Experiment on Amazon, perfect your designs and use the power of social media to spread the word of your new business. You may start seeing t-shirts designed by you on people everywhere.

Stephanie Torreno

Stephanie Torreno

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