In this modern digital age, you would think that most companies would expand to take advantage of what the internet has to offer. Well, actually, you’d be wrong.

According to a recent report published in May 2016, 74% of small businesses that operate in the United States do not engage in eCommerce at all.

On top of this, 42% of these companies do not even think the internet is important to their businesses. Most of these companies explained that this was because they felt it was too challenging to build a website that really functioned well.

In this day and age, customers are demanding for easier ways to shop and they are drawn to sellers that offer plenty of options online. If you are a retailer hesitating to open your own online store, don’t hold off any longer.

Today, it's easier than ever to create and manage an eCommerce website. Your customers are shopping online; so if your bottom line matters to you, your retail business had better be there, too!