On the Sellercast podcast, Chris Guthrie discusses with Norm Lanier, “Why this 7 Figure Seller Started Sourcing Products from the U.S. Instead of China.”

Sourcing products from China is a pretty typical action for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Goods are cheaper, so there is more available profit, right? Not necessarily.

Norm discusses why he sources his product inventory domestically from the United States, rather than from overseas. It is a faster turnaround and less inconvenience waiting for shipments to arrive from overseas.

“We were basically just running out all the time because we didn’t have the cash to buy in the quantities that we needed to to keep inventory.”

If you cannot afford to buy and store huge amounts of product, Chinese product sourcing might not be the most economical solution.

Lanier kept running out of inventory, which presented a problem. By sourcing domestically, he could order smaller quantities at a time without the weeks of lag time waiting for each shipment to arrive.

Let's Discuss:  What has been your experience sourcing from China?  Share it in the comments.

Why This 7 Figure Seller Started Sourcing Products from the US Instead Of China

by Chris Guthrie

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