There is a huge monetary potential in Amazon. On the Build My Online Store podcast, Terry Lin and Travis Marziani discuss with Travis Jamison from AMZ Tracker, “How To Dominate Your Amazon Listings.”

Until recently, Amazon had a very amateur system of SEO, considering the high volume of sales that take place on the site. AMZ Tracker shows you how well your product is ranking on Amazon. You can track competitor sales and utilize super URLs.

Product Images are important, both the quality and quantity of them. Reviews are another critical aspect of Amazon quality. Customers won’t buy products without reviews. Some products will need more.

People are creating 7-figure businesses on a regular basis through the Amazon marketplace. The Amazon SEO is taking off, but sellers need to get in now and get relevant.

How well are you ranking in Amazon?

Let's Discuss: How do you take advantage of improving tracking abilities? Share it in the comments.

How To Dominate Your Amazon Listings With Travis Jamison From AMZ Tracker

by Terry Lin

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